Wednesday, September 20, 2006

outblogged by the world and his brother

hmm this is like the third time ive started one of these, or perhaps I have three seperate blogs going with all with different URL's. here is an obligitory picture took recently from my window. I guess for consistency I should say 'more to come'
Booklist; currently > 'Mindstar Rising' by Peter F Hamilton. just read 'trancendent' by Stephen Baxter.

am on month 4 of my Ormco system bracket see here got it rilly cheap thanks to Mila's Cheap dentist connection in Riga, Latvia! first few weeks the worst, but now over the freak scene paranoia

bin working lately a lot at Turner, Cartoon Network. will try and get organised and post some pics of stuff thats aired. Oh got a new Beast, dualcore x2 proc dell precission 690 3.7hz mmm workstation.. drool...

also finally just got back from spain, saw me sister, and rescued 5 dumped kittens, recently born so had to feed them off me finger, had no sleep all night in case I rolled over and crushed them :) hopefully sis can find them good homes, she's doing a grand job of rearing them from 3 weeks old. not an easy task. fingers crossed.

shouts out to Sis & 5 black kittens, Valentina, Dave, Chris, All the Itilians, Raph & Dan (CN), Lex (XTFX), Adrian & Alan (fluid) and last but not least Milka (honey) xx